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1300 Number Free Trial

June 11, 2014

Thinking of getting a 1300 number?

Not sure on how it works, if its going to work for you? Get a Free Trial 1300 number from The Number Guyz today and give it a whirl!

We are very excited to offer our low cost 1300 numbers with a special limited time only free trial. Get onboard today.

What things should you look out for when taking on a free trial?

  • Certainly wouldn’t be putting my credit card in anywhere, until I was satisfied
  • Don’t give too much information, otherwise you just become another lead in the Telco CRM and will be hassled.
  • Test the control panel – make sure it has the functionality you require. My minimums are:
    • Online Signup
    • Online Payment
    • Realtime CDR records
    • Prepaid Discounts
    • Or the option of Invoice Payment
    • or the option of Direct Debit Payment
  • Give the company a call, and make sure they answer the phone

Get onboard with today.

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