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Finding a Good supplier for your new 1300 Number

June 25, 2013

What do you look for when choosing a supplier?

For me its simple, I want a good price and I want to know they aren’t going to go broke and leave me with no service.  One of the premium and best 1300 number suppliers available in today’s market is Simple Telecom.

The online signup process and professional service is definitely the best, and their pricing is very competitive.  There are so many features that come for free with the 1300 number, and the simple console is the best control panel I’ve ever seen and it gives you the ability to change your plan, update your details, request help with your service, view and pay invoices and manage the specifics of your service and any addons you might have.

Then there is the reporting,, very nice java-script graphs showing me exactly how many calls I’ve received and how much they have cost.  Then I can drill down and look at which state the calls are coming from, and even further at each individual call and determine the caller ID information, duration and price.  Talk about detailed reporting!

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