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1300 Number and 1800 Numbers – pt2

March 22, 2012

Following on from my previous article, here is part 2 in the series on the common questions I get asked by my customers about 1300 numbers and 1800 numbers.

Can I get a number that makes a word?

Yes, you certainly can.  Firstly, let me explain: there are 2x kinds of inbound numbers.  Numbers from the public list which are free, and premium numbers.  If your looking for a word, or specific sequence of numbers you will need to purchase the premium number from Smartnumbers, a branch of the ACMA (government body).

You will need to visit the smartnumbers website to begin your search.  Click on Search down the bottom, then select 1300/1800 and key in the number your looking for.  Once you have confirmed the number you want is available for auction, just signup for an account with them and place your bid.

Once the auction has finished, you pay for your number and then you can take it to your favourite telco – in this case Simple Telecom and have the number connected.

I want a good number, but I don’t want to wait or pay $250 for it?

We can help you find a nice rhyming, or sequence number from the public list. Grab the available lists from the 1300 numbers and read through the email.  Word of warning though, there are a few thousand numbers in this list, and they are extremely competitive, so please don’t get your heart set on a number until we have confirmed that it is connected and available for you.  That is why we requeset 4x numbers from the list, as often the first choice isn’t available.

I need a number right now, as in 10 minutes ago, to go to print, can you help me?

Generally, the answer is Yes we can help.  We have access to a limited number of 1300 services which we can provision very quickly, usually within a few business hours.  There is only a limited range available.

I want the phone to ring at home first, then to my mobile, can you do this?

Yes, we can. Its a feature of the 1300 or 1800 number called overflow answering point. The overflow answering is extremely flexible, so just tell us what your looking to achieve and we will set it up for you.  Also – its free, and updates to the configuration are also free, however they can take some time to complete.

Can you take my calls for me?

Yes we can.  Short of actually running your business for you, we have a number of products that we can combine to produce a virtual office environment for you.  I usually suggest: 2x 1300 numbers, the first for your normal calls with live answer, the second connected to a Fax To Email service for your faxes.

The normal 1300 service can be configured to ring your mobile, your home phone or skype number.  If you don’t answer it in time, lets say 15 seconds, we will overflow the call through to your dedicated Live Answering Service.  The trained operator will greet the caller using a greeting configured by you, then proceed to take down a name, number and brief message.  Once all the details have been collected, we will email and SMS the message through to you to action as soon as you can.

original article from: david thomas – 1300 and 1800 numbers pt2

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  1. Great access to a limited number of 1300 services which we can provision very quickly, usually within a few business hours. There is only a limited range available.

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